Closed versus Open 3D printer systems

Closed versus Open systems

Where the purchase of a professional 3D printer the first years was only reserved for the major players in the market, 3D printing is becoming more and more accessible. Also a professional 3D printer is becoming more affordable, there are machines from €4.000,- that deliver good quality models. Printing a prototype yourself is closer than you might think.

Imagine that you don’t have to wait six weeks for a model that you already know is just not good enough.  Instead, in the evening, before you go home, you turn on the 3D printer yourself and the next morning the prototype awaits for you.

Which 3D printer is the most suitable?

The question you have to ask is: which 3D printer is the most appropriate and are the possibilities indeed endless? It is wise to clearly map out what is expected of the 3D printer, or perhaps even more important, in the near future. It is important to know that we make a distinction between two types of 3D printers: 3D printers with a closed system and 3D printers with an open system.

Closed system

The 3D printers with an closed system are well developed and highly reliable 3D printers. These printers are controlled by one specific software system and they are designed in such a way that they can process one predetermined material. Everything in and on this machine is geared to the material of a particular supplier. Think of the right temperature for processing the material, how the material is delivered, but also the operating system from the software package. No flexibility but a continuous quality of the end product.

Open system

Recently there are professional 3D printers with an open system on the market. These printers can be controlled by different software programs and perhaps, even more important, they can process all materials from all providers. It is not a problem when there is more produced or when the material can be purchased cheaper through another provider.

Is the prototype not to your liking? Switch to different material. The possibilities are almost endless with an open system. On the other hand, there is more knowledge and expertise expected from the 3D engineers or good support from an external party.

The purchase of a professional 3D printer is within reach, but a well-considered choice is important, even in the term to get the best 3D printer. The dddrop RAPID ONE has the open system, which gives you a lot of freedom in choice.