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New Design

The dddrop 3D printers followed one design line for a few product generations. With the ddddrop RAPID ONE we decided to redesign our machine and give it a brand new look and feel: An industrial appearance that fits the capabilities alongside clean lines and aesthetics.

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Print Head Configuration

Each print material requires a different print configuration to achieve the perfect 3D print. Our 3D printer specialists will advise you on putting together the right configuration for you.

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Sizable Frame

What differentiates the dddrop RAPID ONE from other 3D printers is its sizable frame. You can determine the dimensions of the build volume, assuming a minimum size of 300 x 300 x 300 mm, scalable in X, Y and Z directions.

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Advanced Bed Leveling

Leveling the print bed has never been this simple. The RAPID ONE print head is equipped with a leveling sensor which automatically adjusts the distance between the print head and printing bed; resulting in a perfect first layer.

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Water Cooling

Temperature control plays an important role in the print head as well. By means of a regulated liquid-cooling system, the print head temperature can be adjusted accurately. This will result in high-quality 3D prints.

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Filament Control

The RAPID ONE has an integrated filament cabinet that hold spools of 1kg up to 8kg! in optimum condition for beautiful and reliable printresults.

New design

Nothing like we have ever done before.

New look

Thick metal beams, long lines, and sharp edges all give the RAPID ONE an industrial look that will fit in your workspace. Designed for intense and high-demanding operation.


Filament Dryer

High-tech filament materials need to be dried before use to eliminate moisture. The RAPID ONE features an integrated drying cabin that feeds material straight into the printer for increased productivity.

Transparent doors

Two transparent doors in the front and two on the top provide better access to allow general maintenance, changing parts, and cleaning.

LED Lighting

LED light strips inside the print cabin allow a better view of the printing process, allowing great view even in poorly lit work environments and workshops.

Print Head configuration

Our engineers, at the dddrop research and development department, have created something special. We wanted to show how reliable 3D printing is, so we decided to put in use in our own product. The new print head utilizes 3D printed parts which provide us with design freedom and flexibility. The print head houses many new capabilities and features unlike any dddrop print head before.

Print heads can be exchanged in less than a minute to ensure the printer is always ready for the next project.


All 3D printers in the market come in fixed shapes and sizes, which limits the machines to certain build volumes. We decided to tackle this limitation by allowing our customers to choose the build volume suitable for them. The new generation of dddrop 3D printers will feature new sizable frame constructions that will allow you to choose which build volume is ideal your requirements. The RAPID ONE is specifically designed to allow changes to frame size along the X, Y and Z axis without significantly extending production and delivery time. The new clever implementation of supporting beams and structural pillars allows you to free your creativity from limits using a 3D printer tailored to your needs.


Room Control

The RAPID ONE features a closed print cabin with temperature control. This allows isolation of the print process from the environment which eliminates temperature variability that affect print quality. The two fans in the back allow greater circulation and an optional HEPA-filter eliminates smells and harmful gasses resulting from melting certain plastics.

Water Cooling

Temperature of materials and equipment is extremely important in the process of high-quality additive manufacturing, so we decided to take a step into the future with liquid cooling. This technique allows maintaining temperatures and cooling the print head more efficiently, which provides better control over temperature fluctuation and ultimately lead to significantly better quality prints.

bed Leveling

The new system consists of two elements that work hand in hand to level print bed accurately and efficiently: First, an assembly of stepper motors connected to 3 robust leveling rods that position the print bed at the correct height. Second, the print head is equipped with a single point bed leveling touch sensor that measures the tolerance of the print bed as well as the alignment by sampling the position of different points on the print glass.

Specifications Table

Production method Made to order. Tailored to your needs.
Sizable Frame Min. 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Sizable in X – Y and Z direction
Print head
(Configure yourself)
Easily interchangeable
Water cooled
Active 3D print cooling
Bed leveling sensor
Print nozzle configuration 0.2 mm – 0.4 mm – 0.6 mm – 0.8 mm – 1.0 mm
Print bed Interchangeable
3-point bed leveling
Integrated base cabinet Filament dryer
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Printable Materials PLA, PET-G, ABS, PP, PC, PA, flexible & fiber filled
User Interface 7 inch LCD Touchscreen
Slicing Autoslicing & Simplify3D


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