Can 3D printing be used for production?

3D printing technology has leaped forward in developments and innovation and had proved itself to be a leading custom production and manufacturing technique. In the past, the market was not convinced that 3D printing could be a suitable production technique because of reliability, speed, and preparation. That has all changed now.

Why 3D printing?


Printing accurate models time after time, with minor to no variability, for long periods of time became a mission for the dddrop RAPID ONE. 3D printing is no longer a hobby for engineers and enthusiasts. It is now a production tool businesses and manufacturers can rely on.


Production means meeting deadlines, and deadlines require speed. New technologies allow faster movement of the print head and a greater extruding volume. This allows the machine to lay down large amounts of material and produce at a speed suitable for production and manufacturing applications.


When using 3D printing, manufacturers review the preparation time and efforts needed in order to analyse bottlenecks in production. Integrated filament dryer, swappable glass plates, and quick release print heads allow fast equipment exchanging preparation for production.