What is the benefit of using 3d printing for tooling?

3D printing is used in various ways to aid the manufacturing process. Some utilize the customization ability of 3D printing to produce unique tools to assemble products more efficiently. Others utilize 3D printing for the rapid production of spare parts for machinery and assembly lines. Both applications have a great effect on manufacturing efficiency.

Why 3D printing?


Unique products require unique assembling methods. Many manufacturers have to come up with clever ways to assemble more efficiently, so they devise custom made tools. Using 3D printing, these tools can be produced rapidly and replaced if needed, so they contribute to an increased speed of assembly.

Replacement parts

3D printing is the only ensurance a manufacturing facility has that any replacement part is in stock at all times. In a matter of a few hours, any part can be printed and assembled, unlike conventional external part providers that deliver parts in a matter of days and sometimes weeks.


3D printing allows the freedom of manufacturing process development. Many issues during the manufacturing process can be solved using 3D printed tools and parts, which is extremely beneficial to ongoing manufacturing. Quick solutions keep the process going and minimize losses in case of setbacks.