VEDDAN – The New Way of Producing Sound

Who is VEDDAN?

Located in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands, VEDDAN is set out to change the way people listen to music. The company develops and manufactures speakers with patented new technologies, which they believe is the “new way of producing sound”. VEDDAN has been utilizing 3D printing since the beginning of the company as a tool to realize the speaker design, and lately for production of custom made components for the VEDDAN speakers. 

3D Printing in the Music Industry

As 3D printing becomes an accessible and popular production technique, more and more industries turn to it for developments. The music industry is no different. The company founder, Andre Kamperman, envisioned a future where he can apply different principles of acoustics and sound engineering to speaker designs, which will ultimately lead to better sounding speakers and an immersive sound experience. The new, never seen before, sound generating technique had to be visualized from scratch, so naturally the company turned to 3D printing. 3D printing allowed experimentation, design correction, and rapid production of parts. The flexibility and versatility of 3D printing makes it a revolutionary tool in any industry, and allows visionaries from any background to make a change in their respective fields.

Efficient Production

As a start up company that focuses on developing a new product, there is a great emphasis on implementing efficient and reliable production methods in the assembly line. VEDDAN uses a powerful 3D printing unit, consisting of four dddrop EVO Twin machines, that allows cost-efficient rapid production and design iteration. The VEDDAN speakers utilize 3D printing to produce significant parts of the speaker in-house, rather than outsourcing the process. This allows them to oversee the quality of the parts and make quick adjustments if change has to take place, but most importantly save time with quick delivery as shipping and handling time is eliminated. In a matter of hours after finishing the 3D model design, a part can be assembled.

“We had short print runs when starting the business. Luckily, 3D printing is very flexible. You can draw something and have it the next day, so the R&D process is accelerated.”

Andre Kamperman, VEDDAN.


Cost also plays an important role in the VEDDAN production. The VEDDAN speakers are a premium product for sound enthusiasts, so naturally it comes with a premium price tag. 3D printing allowed VEDDAN to produce high quality and reliable parts on-demand, leading to lowering the production cost of the speaker and ultimately the retail cost for the customer. Alternatively, methods such CNC milling, press, or injection molding could have been used for these applications, however, the VEDDAN team found 3D printing to be the most cost and time efficient. Pushing production costs down, and revenue margins up.


VEDDAN put a lot of thought into choosing the right materials to use for the 3D printed parts. After testing different materials, and comparing different results, the team chose to use PET-G as the primary material for internal 3D printed parts. PET-G showed some acoustic advantages over the other materials while maintaining mechanical toughness. VEDDAN took 3D printing one step forward with a clever solution to add strength, weight and sturdiness to the speaker base, which is printed in PET-G. The base is printed with minimum to no infill and liquid epoxy is poured into the print, excelling the construction qualities while maintaining the customization properties of 3D printing. Alternatively, this part would have been CNC machined which would have increased cost and delivery times, a clever solution to a common design challenge.

VEDDAN and dddrop

The dddrop team is working alongside the VEDDAN team and provides assistance and expert input, and is proud to be a part of such an outstanding project. Implementing 3D printing allows innovators to visualize and bring incredible new designs to life that have the potential to change industries, just as the VEDDAN speaker is set to change the way we listen to music.

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