Superior thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance, yet easy to print
PET-G Carbon has the same formula of PET-G, but this version is reinforced with carbon fiber. Thanks to small fibers added to the PETG material, the properties of this material are improved. The carbon fibers are extremely strong and thus improve the strength and rigidity of PETG. Despite these additions, the carbon filament does not change much in terms of print settings.


As mentioned, the added carbon fibers make it the PETG carbon filament stronger, but that doesn’t mean the material also increases in weight. On the contrary, the printed parts become lighter. Also, thanks to the carbon filament, prints retain their shape better because the fibers prevent shrinkage during cooling.

PET-G Carbon composition

The carbon fibers can be added to several types of filament. PLA, Nylon and ABS can also be enriched with carbon to increase in strength and stiffness.

The advantages of PET-G Carbon filament

  • High strength and lightweight
  • Less likely to shrimp when cooling down
  • Wide range of applications
  • Attractive appearance


The advantages of PET-G Carbon are utilized in any application where the focus is on strength and low weight. It is ideal for remote-controlled vehicles such as drones and cars, and even the automotive industry; but also for functional prototypes with moving parts.

Printing PET-G Carbon Filament

It is important to use special tools when printing with carbon. Printing with carbon filaments gives more chance of clogging and in addition carbon can affect the metal of the nozzle and eventually wear it away.


Diameter: 1.75 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Print temperature: 230-250°C
Melt temperature: 230°C ± 10°C
Print bed temperature: ±75˚C
Storage: Cool & dry (15-25°C), away from UV light.
Note: The values shown are an indication and could differ between different printers. Please refer to our support page for more information
  • Strength 50% 50%
  • Flexibility  20% 20%
  • Stiffness 100% 100%
  • Print Temperature 75% 75%
  • Ease of Use 80% 80%