How to maintain your 3D-printer?

Maintaining your 3D printer

The first hours of printing are behind you and by now your 3D printer has become indispensable to your development and production process. Before you leave for home in the evening, you want to get the printer up and running quickly so that your prototype is waiting for you in the morning. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an error and having your 3D printer become unusable. A 3D printer is a machine and (as with all machines) it is important to maintain it properly and on time. In this blog you will read practical tips and we will show you the possibilities dddrop offers in terms of service and maintenance.

The right environment for your 3D printer

The most important aspect for a long life of your 3D printer is the environment in which it is located. An office environment is preferred so that dust, dirt and other environmental factors cannot affect the printer. When a 3D printer is in a production environment, the risk of dust and other debris getting into the machine or onto filaments is significantly higher. This can, for example, cause the nozzle to become clogged as dirt collects here. In addition to dirt and dust, the ambient temperature is also important for the 3D printer. A room temperature (between 21ºC and 24ºC) results in the best prints and extends the life of the 3D printer.

Cleaning your 3D printer

You can place your 3D printer in a very clean environment, but you will still need to make sure that the 3D printer itself is clean as well. Thoroughly clean a clogged nozzle for the best results and life of your nozzle. Use a special stainless steel nozzle for rough fibers (such as PET-G Carbon). Also clean the printer bed thoroughly after each print, using an appropriate cleaning agent. Be sure to empty the filament waste bin regularly, and don’t forget any filament that has fallen to the bottom of the printer housing.

Maintenance schedule for your 3D printer

In addition to the things you can do yourself, it is also important to have the technical aspects of your printer checked. The dddrop 3D printers have a built-in maintenance schedule. This schedule is based on the number of print hours. When the 3D printer reaches 2500 hours, a maintenance key will appear on the screen. This is the time to give your printer a maintenance check. This maintenance can be performed by dddrop. Some parts are then replaced as a precaution so that your printer does not stall at a time when you do not expect it. Maintenance is also recommended at 5000, 7500 and 10,000 print hours, to replace other wear parts.