industrial 3d printers for

prototyping and production

Pick your size, Fast, Reliable, Modular, Automation: RAPID ONE.


Frame Size

Pick your buildize from 300mm upto 900mm in any direction!


Print Head

Choose the watercooled print head configuration that fits your application from 0.2 – 1.2mm Nozzle, Brass or Tungsten.



The integrated Dryer keeps your filament in optimal condition at all times.


and more

Extreme options like Ultra Hightemp (<450c) printhead and configurations that fit your exact, highperformance, priniting needs and materials.

What’s new?

Water cooling, automatic bed leveling, integrated filament drying cabin, and much more. Learn more about the RAPID ONE industrial 3D printer.

More 3d printing applications than ever before


Students across the globe use the dddrop 3D printer to learn the fundamentals of design and prototyping. dddrop is in the front line of shaping the creativity and knowledge of the innovators of tomorrow.

Tooling and Production Aids

Manufacturing facilities adopt 3D printing for time and cost-efficient solutions. Innovation is changing the industry using custom made parts and tools.

End Products 

Developments in the 3D printing industry made the technology reliable and efficient. 3D printed components are utilized in consumer products to allow product designers the freedom of innovation.


We offer a line of filament options so you can find a suitable material for your project.

Different filament compositions possess different strengths and weaknesses, so we invite you to explore our filament materials and choose the one that fits you.


High tech

Materials with unique capabilities allowing greater possibilities.


Easy to use

Materials that are user friendly and make 3D printing accessible and attainable


High Quality

All our filaments are tested and perfected to provide high quality results.

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