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Developing industrial 3D printers with the user in mind. Quality and productivity above all.

Our story 

In 2004, a group of aspiring engineers, under the leadership of Alfred Uytdewilligen, saw the potential of 3D printing and decided to implement the technology into their daily work. The team used different machines for many years but could never find the perfect balance between quality and price. They wanted an industrial 3D printer that is built for professional use, but is also affordable. At the time, the market offered only two categories, large machines that deliver industrial results but were out of budget, or smaller affordable machines that were not able to deliver reliable results needed in the business and R&D market. After years of frustration, the small group of engineers decided to do what any engineer would do –

build one on their own.

After researching the market needs and developing an outstanding new machine, the team was ready to show it to the world. In 2013, the first prototype was ready.


Breaking the barrier between idea and reality. dddrop allowed smaller businesses with limited budgets to have their own professional 3D printers and stop outsourcing the process to specialized firms. Fast forward to 2020, after years of collecting data, experimenting, and talking with the people that operate the 3D printers on daily basis, we have created a beautiful new machine.

Customization, Modularity, Automation.

Proudly operating from Doetinchem, The Netherlands

All dddrop 3D printers are designed and assembled in the Doetinchem, Netherlands. We created a custom made assembly line so we can build a 3D printer that fits your needs quickly and efficiently.

Come visit us and see for yourself.

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