The ONE and only: meet the new dddrop
April 10, 2020
Written by dddrop Administrator

The ONE and Only: Meet the New dddrop

The new dddrop RAPID ONE has been released to the world some time ago, which raises the question: What can the RAPID ONE do for you or your company? The market is already showing much interest because the new machine solves several customers’ challenges. But what makes the new RAPID ONE so special? The following specifications will answer these question.


What does the speed of a 3D printer actually mean? Speed is measured based on how many grams of material a printer can 3D print per hour. The amount of material per unit of time, or the number of grams per hour, is optimized with the design of the dddrop RAPID ONE. This is accomplished in the following methods:
• The choice in nozzle diameter, up to 1 millimeter;
• The speed increase of the extrusion, in other words: the number of millimeters of material used by the 3D printer can extrude per unit of time (for example, second);
• The speed increase of the XY movements, in other words: the speed that the extruder head can travel from point A to point B.
Thanks to these three optimizations, the distance from idea to final 3D printed model has never been shorter.

Scalable Frame

What makes a 3D printer unique compared to its competitors? Well, the frame of the dddrop 3D printer is sizable and is build to fit the users’ needs. If you seek to 3D print many small and relatively flat products? Then your dddrop RAPID ONE will differ from a user who wants to print tall prints with many layers. The new dddrop RAPID ONE is based on a build volume of 300X300X300 mm in XY and Z direction. It can be scaled up with up to 150 mm in every direction. Whatever size you choose we will make it.

Advanced bed leveling

The RAPID ONE has both hardware and software bed leveling systems. The hardware bed leveling works as follows: the heated print bed moves over three axis-spindle combinations. Three motors in the Z direction ensure that each spindle can be adjusted independently until the surface is completely horizontal. In addition, the RAPID ONE includes a software-based bed leveling. A sensor in the extruder head automatically measures 49 points on the heated print bed. All tolerances are measured and stored in the memory of the dddrop 3D printer. Using both methods provides the machine full control and guarantees a perfect first 3D print layer.

extruder head

The extruder head is an essential piece in a 3D printer. When maintenance needs to take place, such as exchanging a print nozzle, it is easier to perform it outside of the print cabin to get better access. The new extruder head has been designed with this ease of use in mind. The complete construction can be exchanged for the same or a completely new variant within one minute. Changing a complete extruder head has never been quicker.


Liquid cooling

There are plenty of irritations that can occur with 3D printing. Wait, did you think of a crashing extruder, causing the printed model to be thrown to the trash alongside hours work? With the new innovation of the RAPID ONE, namely a full 3D metal printed cooling system, the chance of an overheated extruder head is a thing of the past. Due to the use of a liquid system that is cooled outside the machine, the extruder head remains neatly at a controlled temperature.

Conditioned room with HEPA filter

A 3D print that warp or delaminate halfway through the process can be frustrating. This is often caused by printing room temperature being too cold. In order to be able to 3D print all plastics in a stable manner, the RAPID ONE has a conditioned printing room, which means that a stable temperature is kept in the room throughout the process. When the temperature threatens to become too high, the ventilation system ensures that the room is neatly cooled back to the set value. Thanks to the filters mounted on the back of the dddrop RAPID ONE, outgoing vapors from the 3D printing process will be filtered.


Filament Reels

A filament reel is the material you 3D print with. We offer various material quantities. For example, you can choose 1 kg, 4.5 kg and 8.5 kg filament reels as standard. This applies to all materials of dddrop. Any intermediate quantity can be specifically ordered by the customer. Do you have a specific color in mind? No problem! Every RAL color is customer-specific available. The variations are endless.

Do you have any questions? Contact us and expand your possibilities.



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