dddrop case study: High-precision parts with poly-carbonate
January 24, 2018
Written by dddrop Administrator


“Ejair offers a broad range of services, from technical design to the production of small series. We also produce scale models and prototypes. These are very useful, because you directly hold a physical product. For the production of prototypes and small series,

Erik-Jan uses the dddrop 3D printer. His customers are mainly machine manufacturers: “A lot of machine parts are not exposed to extreme stresses, temperatures or pressure. Because it concerns one-off or small series production, it’s very interesting to print those parts in 3D”.

“I already possessed a hobby printer,
but I needed a more advanced one
for the professional market.”
– Erik-Jan Roosen, owner


Erik-Jan searched for a professional 3D printer to use for Ejair Engineering. He already had a self-made Vertex printer, but used this solely for hobby purposes. “The Vertex was my first introduction to 3D printing, I learned a lot from it. But for the professional market, I needed a 3D printer that takes it a step further.” Erik-Jan Roosen looked around at tradeshows and found the dddrop 3D printer. Its Dutch origin and strong reseller were important factors in the decision. “I’ve gone through buying processes more often and
therefore I knew: buying is one thing, but a good supplier with strong service is the most important part,” Erik-Jan explains. “CAD2M knows every-thing about the CAD/CAM world.

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Written by dddrop Administrator

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