3D print tip: How to maintain your 3D-printer?
October 8, 2018
Written by dddrop Administrator

Does my 3D printer need maintenance?

The first printing hours have passed and by now, your 3D printer has become indispensable for your development and production process. Before you leave for home at night, you quickly want to start the printer, so your prototype will be waiting for you in the morning. Nothing more frustrating than seeing an error and having your 3D printer become unusable. A 3D printer is a machine and -as with all machines- it’s important to maintain it properly and on time. In this blog, you will read practical tips and we will show what possibilities dddrop offers concerning service and maintenance.

The right environment
The most important aspect of a long durability of your 3D printer is the surrounding that it’s situated in. An office environment is preferred, so dust, dirt and other environmental factors cannot influence the printer. When a 3D printer is placed in a manufacturing environment, the risk of dust and other dirt getting into the machine or onto filaments is considerably higher. This may for instance clog the nozzle because dirt gathers here. Next to the dirt and dust, the ambient temperature is also important for the 3D printer. A room temperature (between 21ºC and 24ºC) results in the best prints and increases the operating life of the 3D printer.

You can place you’re 3D printer in a very clean environment, but still you will have to make sure the 3D printer itself is neat as well. Thoroughly clean a clogged nozzle for the best results and operating life of your nozzle. Use a special stainless steel nozzles for rough fibres (like PET-G Carbon). Also thoroughly clean the printer bed after each print, with appropriate cleaner. Make sure to empty the filament waste bin frequently and don’t forget the filament that fell onto the bottom of the printer casing

Maintenance schedule
Next to the things you can do yourself, it’s also important to have the technical aspects of your printer checked. The dddrop 3D printers have a built-in maintenance schedule. This schedule is based on the number of printing hours. When the 3D printer has reached 2500 hours, a maintenance key appears on the screen. This is the moment to service your printer. This servicing can be done by dddrop. Some parts will be replaced  as precaution, so your printer will not have downtime at a moment you don’t expect it. Servicing is also advisable at 5000, 7500 and 10.000 printing hours, to replace other wear parts.

Service plans
It’s important to not confuse the mentioned maintenance with the so-called service plans. Each dddrop 3D printer includes a silver service plan the first year. This gives free access to:

  • Helpdesk: support with printing your models by phone, chat and e-mail (working days only).
  • Replacement parts when defect*.
  • All manhours needed for investigation and repair of errors, carried out by dddrop employees.

*Excluding: wear parts (prevent wear parts with maintenance), consumables, 3D printer bed (glass plate), damage due to improper use (non-compliant with printer manual) and damage due to accidents or other external factors.

All repairs are carried out in the dddrop factory; when the printer has an error, it needs to be delivered to dddrop in Doetinchem. If desired and possible, we can carry out the repair on site, travel costs are €75,- excl. VAT. Don’t want to pay travel costs? Choose the gold service plan. Desire more information on maintenance or the service plans? Take a look at our website or contact us via info@dddrop.com.

Written by dddrop Administrator

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