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Magigoo PA


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For an optimal printing result, a 3D printed model must adhere well to the 3D print bed. With Magigoo you apply an adhesive layer to your print bed. This prevents deformation of printing parts (warping). Magigoo PA has been developed for professional use, to be used exclusively with polyamide (PA) filaments. Magigoo PA works well with the dddrop filament PA-12 and Novamid® ID 1030 CF10.


  • Shake the bottle.
  • Apply the liquid by pressing the pen tip onto the print bed. Tip: A 20 mm border is recommended for larger prints.
  • Then print the model with the dddrop print settings.
  • Allow the model to cool and remove it from the print bed.
  • Clean the print bed with the dddrop bed cleaner and you are ready for the next print.

Caution: Using this product with other PA type filaments may cause excessive adhesion and damage your 3D model.
In cases of excessive adhesion, it is recommended to wet the print bed with a small amount of water, this can help make part removal easier.