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Dimafix Pen


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For an optimal printing result, a 3D print must adhere well to the 3D printer bed. With Dimafix you apply an adhesive layer to your printer bed. This prevents deformation of printing parts, also known as warping. Dimafix is an aerosol liquid that provides improved adhesion between the first layer of the 3D print and the printer bed at a temperature above 60?C. Below 60?C, the adhesive layer loses its effect, which makes it easier to remove print parts.

The adhesion depends on the temperature variations of the 3D printer bed:

  • Below 60?C: No adhesion, print parts easily come off the printer bed
  • Between 60 – 70?C: Medium adhesion, for smaller less complicated objects.
  • Between 75 – 95?C: Strong adhesion, for complicated and large print parts.
  • Above 95?C: Very strong adhesion, for very complicated and long-lasting print parts.


  • Thoroughly clean the printer bed of the printer with a suitable cleaner.
  • Check the temperature of the printer bed, it should be below 50?C.
  • Apply Dimafix evenly on the printer bed.
  • Heat the printer bed and start the 3D print.
  • After printing is finished, wait until the temperature of the printer bed falls below 50?C.
  • Remove the printed part from the printer bed.
  • Clean the printer bed with the 3D printer bed cleaner.

The Dimafix adhesive pen is the ideal solution if you have a 3D printer without an interchangeable printer bed (Leader & Leader TWIN). With this pen you can apply the glue in the printer itself, without spraying the glue in the printer. Only use the Dimafix adhesive spray when the printer bed can be removed from the printer (with the Leader PRO and the EVO Twin) and you can spray the spray on the bed outside the 3D printer.