Premium HIPS Filament

HIPS stands for high impact polystyrene, a lightweight material that can be dissolved in D-limonene.

Premium HIPS Filament


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What is HIPS?

HIPS stands for high impact polystyrene. HIPS is perfectly suited for supporting ABS because the two materials share much of the same printing properties. HIPS dissolves in D-limonene, so the support material can be easily removed from the model.

HIPS Composition

HIPS is a soluble material that can be dissolved in D-limonene, however D-limonene may cause some discoloration of the ABS material. Therefore, it is only recommended for complex models for which discoloration does not form an issue.

HIPS Properties

HIPS is a dissolvable material that is resistant to water, heat, and impacts. It is fairly inexpensive but dimensionally accurate, making it an ideal support material.

HIPS Application

HIPS is most often used as a soluble support material for complex ABS prints, as they both share many of their printing and handling properties and can be easily combined in layers.

  • Strength
  • Flexibility 
  • Stiffness
  • Print Temperature
  • Ease of Use


Diameter: 1.75 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Print temperature: 220-260°C
Melt temperature: 180˚C
Print bed temperature: ±60˚C
Storage: Cool & dry (15-25°C), away from UV light.
Note: The values shown are an indication and could differ between different printers. Please refer to our support page for more information